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ACC Outdoor Championships - Outdoor
Miami, FL

VT Vaulters (Men)YrMetricEnglishPlace
Torben LaidigSr5.6018' 04.50"2nd
Deakin VolzJr5.6018' 04.50"3rd
Joel Leon-BenitezFr5.3017' 04.75"4th
Jaelyn DemoryFr4.7515' 07.00"10th
James SteckSr4.7515' 07.00"T-6th

VT Vaulters (Women)YrMetricEnglishPlace
Lisa GunnarssonFr4.4514' 07.25"2nd
Rachel BaxterFr4.3514' 03.25"3rd
Olivia PriviteraSr3.9012' 09.50"11th

It was an exciting meet and while the crew did not pick up a gold this time their effort and performances were excellent picking up 35.5 points toward our team totals. Torben and Deakin raised the VT double performance record and the triple adding in Joel. The women set the double and triple performance records as well. It was also nice to have James at the meet contributing again to the team point total after a year off with a hip inury. It was the last meet of their career for both James and Livi and they will be missed. James improved from 15' to 17'1 during his career at VT and Livi from 0 to 13' 5.5" and both gave the program everything they had. As did Kristen Lee who set a PR as a sophmore and then had to retire from the vault due to an ankle problem but then served as a manager through the rest of her undergraduate and graduate career.
GO HOKIES! .....