Pole Groups

12 foot and shorter
13' 1" (4.00 meter)
13' 6" (4.15m carbons)
13' 7" (4.15 Essx Carbons)
13' 7" (4.15 meter)
14' 0" (4.25m carbons)
14' 1" (4.30 meter)
14' 5" (4.40m carbons)
15' 1" (4.60 meter)
15' 5" (4.70m carbons)
15' 5" (4.75m Essx Carbons)
16' 1" (4.90m carbons)
16' 5" (5.00m carbons)
16' 9" (5.10m carbons)
All poles
Out of Service

--- Pole Inventory Notes ---

Select a pole group from the left to see a listing of poles in that category. The poles shown here are our newer poles. In addition, we have a set of 16’1” Spirits ranging from about 165 to 190 lbs, a set of 16’5” pacer IIIs ranging from 175 to about 195 lbs, and some other misc. poles. We are saving these poles for big, ugly decathletes.

The 5.00m Pacer carbons changed flex system somewhere in 2003 or 2004. A flex with an “x” before it represents the old flex number. A flex without the “x” represents the new flex number. If a pole only has one flex number on it, that is the old flex. The newer poles should have both flex numbers on them with the “x” on the old one. This was done to give each pole above 4.90m their own test span... just like the poles below 4.90m.

The 4.90m Pacer carbons changed weight ratings in 2003 or 2004. A weight rating in the chart above with an “x” before it represents the old weight rating. A weight rating without an “x” is the new weight rating. A pole only has one rating on it. How can you tell if it is an old weight or a new weight? Doesn’t matter… just pay attention to the flex number.
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